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Art Lessons

Art Lessons

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Sophie Adair is a fine artist and teacher, based in Nantes, France, who specialises in realistic oil paintings. She loves to share her skills and passion with other aspiring artists (beginners and up) and thoroughly believes that EVERYONE has it in them to create beautiful and meaningful art. She hopes to unlock the creativity that is located within you and help you to create at a level that you never believed you could. 

Lessons are conducted from Sophie's address unless it is a large group. Details will be sent to you via email after you've booked an appointment.

Please get in touch if you'd like her to travel to you.

If you book 10 lessons you'll receive one of those lessons for free. 

When booking a 10 lesson package please book the date you wish for them to start and then I will get in contact with you to arrange the dates of the remainder of the lessons.

You can pay online or there is an option at checkout to pay in person on the day of your session.

One to One Children 10+ and Adult Lessons:

You will be taught the basics of painting in oils or acrylics, from the very beginning sketches  to the final piece Sophie will be with you each step to help and guide you through the process. She will show you a multitude of skills and how to apply them as well as help you create your own creative process.