Have you fallen in love with a piece but it's already sold? Have a special photograph of a memory that you wish to be recreated? Or a vision you want brought to life? if so, feel free to get in touch via the form below. 


First thing is to decide which size is the best for your vision, there is a price list below to help you decide.

What inspires the piece? Do you have a favourite painting of mine? An Idea you can't stop thinking about? Photographs from a vacation or special place? 

I ask for a non refundable 25-50% deposit to begin with to cover the cost of materials; with the remaining balance due once your painting is complete. There is also a payment plan option available.

Prices for commissions run a little higher than my originals due more time being taken in preparing your piece and the painting process in order to bring your requirements to life. 

These sizes are guidelines only if you require a different or larger or smaller size then please state so in the commission form. 

Paintings on paper can also be made for a smaller budget.  If that's something you wish to consider then please get in touch. 

Stretched Canvas and linen:

30x40cm (approx 12x16inch): €550

50x70cm (approx 20x28inch): €1550

60x80cm (approx 24x32inch): €2100

80x100cm (approx 40x32inch): €2950

120x90cm (approx 47x25inch): €3950

Sizes and prices are guidelines, if you require a larger or smaller size get in touch for a quote.


Please note that I  take on a limited number of commissions per year.  For 2023 I will be taking on 1-5  (depending on project sizes) for the whole year.
Commissions are completed in chronological order; usually 1-2 are completed in each month. 
If you need your commission completed by a certain date please state so  when you fill out the form below or alternatively send me a prompt email.
I have the right to refuse a commission if it doesn't fit in with my artistic style. So please have a look at my past work beforehand. 
I do not reproduce other artist's work, so please do not ask. 


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