For the Love of Chaos.

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Sophie Adair is a young British talent residing in France whose paintings have been featured in solo exhibitions nationally. Working primarily in oil paints, Adair creates impressionist style seascapes to explore the hidden beauty of water and its reflections. Her work is characterized by great technical detail in the rendering of waves and sea foam, prioritizing the delicate light on the ocean surface.

Artist Statement:

My work focuses on storms and the light we find within them. I paint intimate and real scenes that invite the viewer to look closer and embrace the darkness. The darkness is something that most shy away from but for me there is nothing more comforting than a storm creating chaos- after all there can be no darkness without light. 

Over time my work has evolved from painting the sea as a subject to painting it as a person; historically boats were named after women and it felt fitting for me to adopt the same practice. Each painting is personified and named after women, whether they’re a historical figure or simply a strong woman who altered my life in some way.

My paintings include stormy skies and rocky shore lines. Within each I try to portray the subtle lighting, tones and mood of each seascape creating powerful emotions for the viewer.

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    What collector's had to say...

    Sophie, THANK YOU again for working with me! The entire experience was so pleasant, thanks to your patience, flexibility and follow-through. -Nina

    Even more beautiful in person. I was shocked at not only the detail in the art work but at the amazing detail she took in packing the piece to make sure it arrived undamaged. Sophie even went as far to send a thank you note with some suggestions on a frame that would complement her piece as well as some professional framers in my location. The thank you note was a picture of one of her paintings and I also had that framed as it was too beautiful to throw out. Absolutely amazing artist .. I consider my self to be a very lucky person to be able to share my home with one of her pieces.  -Jodi

    Sophie's work is phenomenal. The mood she can create in her pieces is palpable. The attention to detail is second to none, including the beautiful packaging and follow up service. When you buy from Sophie you're not just buying art but investing in a friend. - Lee